The cause of Myanmar's coup is still unknown

 The coup leaders were asked to provide a convincing explanation for the coup.


Hours after Myanmar's military declared a state of emergency on Monday, there is still a lack of information on what is happening and why.

Blocking many communications and a curfew, as well as existing laws designed to curb the proliferation of Korona, have limited access to the Burmese masses.

Earlier Monday, a military-owned television broadcast said there had been "serious irregularities in voter registration during the general election, which undermines the very fabric of democracy."

According to the statement, allegations of vote rigging in the November elections led to protests and other acts that undermined national security, so officials declared a state of emergency across the country for a year. "To carry out voter registration and action."

VOA's Burmese Service has spoken to some lawmakers and citizens, despite the challenges. The new military government has been asked to provide more information in addition to its official statement. She did not respond for reasons related to network interruptions.

Thank you.

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