Nigeria Is Enough Corn To Feed Its People - Farmers

The Farmers and Maize Growers Association of Nigeria says it has enough maize to feed the nation this year despite the challenges posed by the Coronavirus epidemic in the country's agriculture.

Maize is one of the most important commodities that Africans depend on for food and economic development, including in Nigeria.

Last year, however, there was little pressure from the Covid-19 epidemic and problems such as terrorism and floods, which forced farmers to stop farming.

But in 2021, Dr Abubakar-Annur Bello Funtua, president of the Farmers and Maize Manufacturers Association, said Nigeria had enough maize to feed the nation.

This has prompted some farmers, such as Mallam Islama’il jibya, to express their happiness over the announcement.

One of the priorities of the Farmers and Maize Manufacturers Association of Nigeria is to work together to achieve the government's goal of food security as promised by the President.

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