Kano State Government Denies Destroying Sheikh Abduljabbar Nasiru Kabara School

The demolition of buildings by the Kano State Urban Development Authority (KNUPDA) on Saturday at the Mushe Stadium in Gwale area of ​​Kano has sparked controversy between the Kano State Ministry of Education and the community. area.

Contrary to reports in the Nigerian media, the demolition did not affect the school owned by Sheikh Abduljabbar Nasiru Kabara, a man who has been under house arrest by the Kano state government since Thursday.

However, sources in the area confirmed that the cleric was using part of an unoccupied plot of land to carry out his sermons at various times.

For its part, the Kano State Urban Development Authority has denied demolishing the Sheikh Abdul Jabbar Nasiru Kabara School, according to the commission's spokesman Ado Mohammed Gama.

The Kano state government has been clearing the area since 2002, which used to be a burial ground.

After the formation of the Fulotan, the government took control of some of the residents of Gwale and other neighboring areas. But at that time people did not start building because they were afraid of remembering corpses.

Rabiu Gwale, secretary of the Gwale Development Association, said the owners of the fleet started construction by the end of 2020, last year.

However, in January, the Ministry of Education said it would use the land to build the school because it had found a letter sent to it by some people years ago demanding that the school be built there, because the Kano state government had canceled the project. has been in place since 2012, according to the state commissioner of education, Alhaji Muhammad Sanusi Kiru.

But the secretary of the Gwale Community Development Association, Malam Rabiu, said he was unaware of the allegations, saying that before they could begin construction, they had to inform the Ministry of Map of Kano and its environs. out to them a map of what the buildings on the site will look like, along with assigning a number to the assigned people.

Rabiu said they were appealing to the government to draw the attention of the Ministry of Education to the issue, noting that most of the plots and buildings that were initially owned by Oryu now.


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