Distribution of 25 thousand Nigerians will have no effect - ACF


Distribution of 25 thousand Nigerians will have no effect - ACF

The Consultative Union of Northern Nigerian Elders, ACF has expressed its position on the talks between the government and the main trade unions, the NLC and the TUC on Monday, which led to the withdrawal of the strike they planned to engage in on Tuesday 3 for the month of October.

After a long discussion between the union representatives and the government representatives, the two parties have now reached an agreement which has led to the suspension of the strike for the next 30 days.

The unions planned to go on strike because of the pressure of life that the majority of Nigerians are in, which originated from the removal of fuel subsidies and other new policies introduced by the administration of President Tinubu.

Among the issues that have been reached, there is a payment of 25,000 that the Federal Government will make every month for three months to its 15 million households that will start from this month of October, and the program will include pensioners.

He said that the lifting of the strike by the workers is an opportunity for the Federal Government to consult with the experts and think again about the ways it will come up with to remove the people of Nigeria from the poverty of their lives.

"No matter how the poor are suffering, the extra income of the individual ends up in the cost of consumer goods and the rise in the price of the dollar, some new policies that the government has come up with that it thinks will provide relief, but the truth is that people feel it in their bodies, said Murtala Aliyu.

He said that giving money to people will never be a solution to the situation the country is in, because the previous government of Buhari also did what effect did that have on the lives of poor Nigerians?

He also called on governments at all levels to give importance to the northern part of Nigeria during their plans, seeing that the poor are more numerous here.

"We are the ones who have small businesses such as agriculture and others, a small investment can lead the farmer to success, that's why we want to give importance to our people".

He said that the state governments should not turn a blind eye to the Federation and refuse to help it, they should also come in to help the poor.

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