The problems that lead to the closure of petrol stations in Nigeria

In Nigeria, the Northern Oil and Gas Marketers Association, the Arewa Oil and Gas Marketers Association, said that some major problems are caused by the evacuation of depots and the closing of some of the country's petrol stations.

In an interview with the Journalist, the leader of the group, Bashir Ahmad Dan-mallam, said that it is not a matter of fact, there are three reasons.

He said, "These reasons are related to bringing the fuel, that is, from the purchase and the car fee that is paid when the fuel is taken to the destination and the loading fee. how it should be sold for no profit at all."

Bashir Dan-mallam, said that this is the reason why some house owners are closing and others are slightly increasing the cost of fuel.

He said, "In addition to this problem, there is also the issue of the money that NNPCL has given to many people to repair the road, but the owners of this work do not do it. When they are touched, they say that it is a problem. I think if you take oil, you have to spend many days before your oil reaches the desired destination because of the bad road."

The head of the Oil and Gas Dealers Association of Northern Nigeria, said the third problem is, "How are the people's funds outside of the Petroleum Equalization Fund, which has billions of people's money in its hands to turn around and some have been received by banks, the money is in hand."

He said, these are the problems that have caused some petrol station owners to either sell petrol at a price of 700 naira, or to close the petrol stations so that lines of cars will start to be seen at the petrol stations.

Bashir Dan-mallam, said that now there is fuel in the depots in Lagos, Warri, Kalaba and Fatakwal, it is difficult to get the fuel.

The head of the Oil Dealers Association, said, "If things are to be settled, measures must be taken such as, the use of the VAT deduction issue and ensure that it is implemented, and the issue of NIMASA and NPA that receive money that is given to them in dollars, they should come back and accept naira because the dollar is rising, and the last thing is that the Minister of Works is sure that the way to import oil has been fixed."

He said, if the government is committed to these measures, oil will be cheap, but if the opposite happens, then the price of oil will be as high as possible.

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