Some Kano girls selling pornographic images on WhatsApp have been arrested Nigerian police say they have arrested a number of Kano men for sexually abusing and spreading WhatsApp.

A statement from police spokesman Frank Mba told the BBC that Interpol officers in Abuja had arrested people selling video and pornographic videos on WhatsApp owned by a Brazilian.


Among the items seized by the suspects included three mobile phones and a laptop computer. And police say they have found several videos of girls under the age of 18 sold online.

Police say they were arrested on the basis of confidential information obtained by Interpol officials in Brasilia. Police also said they had arrested suspected female and child abductors in the country's southern states.

It is also holding five hostage-takers in Port Harcourt.

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In a statement, the Inspector General of Police (IGP) said the force's plan to address violence against women and children in Nigeria was beginning to yield positive results.

The statement released the names of those it accused of abducting women and children and all of them were natives of the southern states.

However, the statement did not say when or where they were arrested.

The statement said a total of 2,792 people had been arrested on suspicion of crimes against women by 2020. It also said it was still investigating before bringing them to justice.

The Superintendent of Police of Nigeria has called on parents to keep a close eye on their children and report any abuse of women and children.

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