Borno State Government Takes Responsibility To Rebuild Federal Road For Security

In an effort to address security concerns and kidnappings for ransom on the streets, the Borno State government has undertaken the construction of the Maiduguri-Bama road, which will extend to other African countries.

Borno State Governor Babagana Umara Zulum said the Maiduguri-Bama road was owned by the federal government, but his government would reopen it to address security concerns and assist the communities that use it.
The road, which has been paved since 1964, is 65 kilometers from Maiduguri. The 915-day deadline has now been set.

Governor Zulum said N5 billion had been set aside for the project, under the auspices of the MCRP. The Commissioner of the Ministry of Reconstruction and Resettlement, Comrade Mustapha Gubio, said that considering that it is a major road linking Central Africa, Sudan and Cameroon, once completed, progress will be made. security and trade.
Poor road conditions are one of the major problems in Borno State, especially the state, state and international highways, which are used by criminals to attack commuters.

For details, listen to Aaron David's report.

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