It seems to be coming to an end Mourinho - Commentators

Football pundits continue to spit on how things are going for Jose Mourinho at Tottenham.
Mourinho initially started the season on the right foot and even topped the Premier League table, but things went awry.
Mourinho has won just three of his last 12 games ROKETS NAIJA

Tottenham have now been beaten three times in a row, and the club have won just three of their last 12 matches. Mourinho's current situation is no different from that of former coach Mauricio Pochettino, who was sacked and replaced by Mourinho.
History has shown that Mourinho has never lost at home as far as Tottenham.

Experts see Harry Kane's injury in spite of the goals he scored as a substitute helping the club to a red card after the win, but it also would not be a reason for Tottenham to suffer so much.
In addition to Harry Kane's absence, Son Heung-min's genius was noted for their understanding of each other and for helping each other score goals.  But the return of former striker Gareth Bale to Mourinho has yet to make an impact, especially at a time when the club are facing both home and away defeats.

However, Jose Mourinho has reached Tottenham's final in the Carabao Cup, and will play in the semi-finals of the FA Cup against Everton, but must find out where the club's problems have led to their relegation. Premier League.

If the trend continues, or Mourinho fails to beat West Brom at home next Sunday, the aftermath will not necessarily come as a surprise.

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