The Kano State Government has received a court order to close the Sheikh Abduljabbar Kabara Mosque

The Kano State Government has obtained a court order to close the Sheikh Abduljabbar Nasir Kabara Mosque and barred him from preaching.

The Kano State Government has received a court order to close the Sheikh Abduljabbar Kabara Mosque

The order came from Mohammed Jibrin Magistrate's Court, Gidan Murtala, at the request of the Office of the Commissioner of Justice, according to a document signed by the Ministry of Justice and seen by the BBC.

In the statement, the court issued five directives on the teacher's case as follows:

  1. The mosque and Sheikh Abduljabbar school in Filin Mushe area should be closed immediately, pending the results of the investigation by the state police and security agencies.
  2. Sheikh Abduljabbar has stopped all preaching without any delay and any speech that will cause confusion among the people of Kano State.
  3. All media outlets should stop publishing Sheikh Kabara's readings until the results of the investigation are released.
  4. All state agencies and security agencies shall ensure that these rules are strictly followed.
  5. All agencies and security agencies in the state to take appropriate action against any preacher who will cause divisions among the people of Kano State.

Ganduje Government Imprisones Sheikh Abduljabbar Kabara Sheikh Abduljabbar Kabara, a prominent Islamic scholar from Kano State, Nigeria, has accused the state government of imprisoning him.

The teacher was jailed by the government a day after he was banned from preaching and commentating across the state. He is accused of making inflammatory remarks in his sermons.

The teacher confirmed to BBC Hausa a report that no one had been allowed into his home. He told our correspondent in Kano: "The truth of the matter is that this report that came to you is true. I am sitting here in the library and everyone who comes is told to come in. Those who live in the house are accompanied by prevent them from coming in, unless he goes out.

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He added that he was surprised by the move because "we thought it was just a study they did not want to do. We did not know that even immigration would not be possible. So we did not plan what to do. need of life. "

The incident comes as Kano State Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje is meeting with teachers of Izala, Kadiriyya and Tijjaniya sects on the ban on preaching.

Among those who attended the event were Nura Manzo Arzai, Sheikh Sale Pakistan, Mallam Bashir Alfurkan, Sheikh Matabuli, Sheikh Nasir Kabara, Mallam Shehi Shehi mai Hula, Mallam Abdulhadi Hotoro, among others.

Mallam Nura Arzai expressed his satisfaction and support for the government's decision to ban Sheikh Abduljabbar from preaching and interpreting.

He said this proved that Governor Ganduje had taken his name as Khadimul Islam, as he had put an end to the insult to the Companions of the Holy Prophet (SAW).

However, Mallam Abdulhadi Adam Hotoro said the verdict should be handed down if Abduljabbar's alleged conduct was proven to be against Islamic law.

Earlier, Sheikh AbdulJabbar Sheikh Nasir Kabara described the suspension by the Kano state government of preaching and closing his mosque as "unjust".

He told the BBC that although the government itself, through the state commissioner of education, had confirmed the allegations, it had stopped him without giving him the opportunity to defend himself.

The cleric said last week's meeting was one of the reasons why the government had taken this step, given that all attempts to block the meeting had failed.

"The commissioner of education told the government spokesman that Abduljabbar was being mistreated and that the actions of these clerics were completely untrue, they had entered politics into religion," the cleric said. He said: "As a non-partisan person, like the commissioner of education who says Abduljabbar is being mistreated, it is enough for the government to respond that what it has done is wrong." 'We will not allow one person to cause us unrest'

For his part, Kano State Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje said they had taken the initiative to prevent violence in the state.

"We will not allow a single person to cause unrest in our state," Ganduje told BBC Hausa.

He said in his capacity as governor he supported any action taken by the security forces against the cleric, including imprisonment, as long as there was peace.

He denied allegations by Sheikh Abduljabbar that politics was involved in the case, saying he was a cleric himself and had caused trouble for him because he had repeatedly told his followers to slaughter anyone who approached him to arrest him.

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