NIJAR: Public Awareness on Second Round of Elections

Pro-democracy groups launch public awareness campaigns


As preparations for the February 21 presidential election draw to a close, pro-democracy groups are urging the public to respect the rules of the election to ensure a smooth running.

The events that took place during the December 27, 2020 elections prompted the MPCR to collaborate with prominent legal experts such as Pr. Djibril Abarchi of the University of Niamey has launched a campaign to raise awareness of key electoral laws that will help hold the second round of the February 21 by-elections in a favorable environment and experts see the need to close the Constitutional Court. It does not address the issue of electoral fraud.

The MPCR Debate found that in the future the Constitutional Court should send representatives to the areas where the allegations of wrongdoing were made during the conduct of the elections to ascertain itself.

Politicians in attendance praised the move: The MPCR, in collaboration with legal experts, reiterated its intention to continue holding such public debates in Niamey and other parts of Niger until the results of the round are announced. two presidential elections that will include Mahaman Ousman of RDR Canji in the opposition coalition CAP 20 21 and Bazoum Mohamed of the PNDS Federal Coalition Bazoum 2021.

Listen to Souley Moumouni Barma's report in audio:

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