Security issue: How orphans abducted by kidnappers are rescued in Abuja

Security issue: How orphans abducted by kidnappers are rescued in Abuja

Reports from Naharati village in Abaji Local Government Area of ​​the Nigerian capital, Abuja, confirm that the orphans abducted by the kidnappers have been released.

They were rescued after a 10-day search.

Last Wednesday, we reported on the abduction of children living in an orphanage along with other villagers, following an attack by kidnappers.

Witnesses we spoke to told the BBC that a ransom had to be paid before their release could take place.

An eyewitness, who asked not to be named, told us that two million naira had been paid before their release, although the thieves had taken the one who had taken the money.

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He added: "We arrived at the orphanage and one of them was stabbed to death. He was taken into custody because he was completely out of his mind."

He said they were all primary school children and most of them were women, except for one senior who was in the first grade of secondary school and one who was in the second grade.

According to him, they are now in hospital and undergoing intensive care, and it seems that it will take some time before they regain consciousness due to the ordeal they suffered.

The area appears to have been plagued by kidnappings for some time, with some sources saying that even three weeks ago, some people were abducted and later released after a ransom was paid.

A local resident told the BBC it was difficult to spend a week without the kidnappers entering the area.

Kidnappings are on the rise in Nigeria, especially in the north, where hostages often return for ransom after abductions.

It is common for authorities to say that they are doing their best to solve the problem, but the situation is still deteriorating.

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