DSS has arrested two people in Kano for allegedly inciting conflict

The DSS has said it has arrested two people it accuses of inciting people to create tension in Kano state ahead of the governorship and state assembly elections to be held on Saturday.

In a statement published on its Twitter page, the DSS agency said that the people recorded a video containing inciting information, and then published it on social media.

She also published the names of 37-year-old Sharu Abubakar Tabule, and 51-year-old Isma'il Iliyasu Mnagu as those she arrested.

“In these dangerous messages, they show the political party they support and call on their supporters to attack their opponents wherever they see them.

The suspects called for the security forces to be attacked during the governorship and state assembly elections that will be held on Saturday.

"A political party in Kano is threatening to organize a demonstration as a result of the planned attacks," said the DSS.

The statement added that the political party planned to break into the offices of some security agencies on March 16 as a show of support for the suspects.

"While the agency is informing people about this illegal action, it also called on the party to stop this event, or prepare to praise its actions.

"DSS will not stand idly by and watch people incite the community and not stir up anger and insecurity in the state."

The DSS statement said that it will join hands with other security agencies to ensure that full security is provided to enable effective elections in the state.

Apart from Kano, the security agency has arrested some people who are making similar calls in other states across the country.

The commission has advised political parties across Nigeria to warn their followers to be law-abiding, to ensure that democracy has its proper place.

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