Airstrikes in Khartoum after the ceasefire agreement was broken


Fighting continues in Khartoum, the capital of Sudan, after abandoning a ceasefire agreement to allow civilians to leave the city.

On Sunday, the national army said that they are attacking the city from all sides with heavy artillery weapons, in order to defeat their enemies, the RSF forces.

The ceasefire expires at midnight on Sunday, while millions of people are still trapped in the city, which is suffering from food shortages.

The first plane carrying aid and medicine has already arrived in the country.

The Red Cross aid group said that the plane landed in a port in Sudan carrying eight tons of aid including medicine.

More than 70 percent of the country's health centers were forced to close their operations as a result of the crisis that broke out on April 15.

More than 500 people have died, while the number is expected to increase.

The Commander of the National Army General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan and the head of the RSF General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, better known as Hemedti, are fighting each other, as a result of not incorporating the RSF into the National Army.

Countries around the world continue to evacuate their people as a result of the conflict

To extend the agreement reached on Thursday night after diplomatic talks between neighboring countries with the cooperation of the United States, Great Britain and the United Nations, but the parties fighting each other refused to honor the extension.

On Saturday evening, fighting continued in the city of Khartoum, where the military says they have launched new attacks to defeat the RSF forces.

An eyewitness told Reuters that he saw a military drone attack near where RSF forces were stationed near the country's largest oil refindry.

On Saturday, the British government said it had completed the recruitment of its citizens, about 1,900.

The American delegation also arrived at the port of Sudan to evacuate the Americans in Sudan by boat to the city of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia.

Hundreds of Americans left the country, including the country's diplomats in Sudan in the last week.

On Saturday, the former prime minister of Sudan, Abdalla Hamdokya, warned that the conflict in the country could be worse than that of Syria and Libya, countries where the war has killed many civilians and displaced thousands.


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