Fintiri won the Adamawa Governorship ElectionFintiri won the Adamawa governorship election

The Electoral Commission in Nigeria announced Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri as the winner of the Adamawa state election, which ended in controversy.

The official announcing the results of the Adamawa governorship election, Professor Mohammed Mele said Ahmadu Fintiri won the election with 430, 861 votes.

The incumbent governor won against his main rival, Aisha Dahiru Binani, who got 398, 788 votes.

This victory gave Fintiri the power to continue ruling Adamawa state for a second term.

On Tuesday evening, the results announcement officer, Professor Mohammed Mele, accompanied by some senior officials of INEC, arrived at the results reception hall in Yola, where he continued the work of collecting the results of the remaining local governments.

On the 15th of April, the Electoral Commission conducted the election in some booths covering the 20 local governments of the state.

Votes were re-voted at 69 polling stations.

The result of the final election shows that the APC candidate, Aisha Binani got 6,513 votes, while Governor Fintiri of PDP got 9,337.

The election was met with controversy after the Electoral Commissioner of Adamawa State Hudu Ari announced Aisha Binani as the winner of the election without clarifying the results of each party in detail.

Earlier on Tuesday, the Electoral Commission of Nigeria said it has written a letter to the Inspector General of Police to conduct an investigation, with a view to looking into the possibility of prosecuting the Adamawa State Electoral Commissioner suspended by INEC, Barrister Hudu Ari in court.

INEC has also asked the Secretary to the Federal Government to draw the attention of the agency responsible for appointing electoral officers, regarding the behavior of the Electoral Commissioner of Adamawa to take action.

INEC chief officer, Barrister Hudu Ari, entered the polling hall in Yola with police escort on Sunday morning, where he declared Senator Aishatu Binani of APC as the winner of the election.

He did not explain in detail the results of each party, and how Aisha Binani won the election.

However, in a statement issued by its Chief Officer for Publicity and Awareness of National Voters, Barrister Festus Okoye, INEC said that the decision taken by the Electoral Commissioner of Adamawa State - REC to announce the winner of the election is illegal. is, so she said it will not be used.

INEC also said that Hudu Ari announced the results when the process of collecting the results of the election had not yet been completed.

The situation has caused confusion in Nigeria, where in Adamawa members of the PDP party have participated in demonstrations to put pressure on the electoral commission to complete the process of announcing the results.

In the March 18 election, INEC announced that the current governor, Ahmadu Umar Fintiri, received 421,524 votes.

Then his main rival from the APC party, Senator Aisha Dahiru Binani who got 390,275 votes.

She is the first woman ever to reach this stage of the final election in the gubernatorial race, since Nigeria's return to democracy in 1999.

Supporters of Governor Fintiri are raising the flag to congratulate him for winning the election in Yola

Some supporters of the governor have already been seen on the streets celebrating the victory of Governor Ahmadu Fintiri.

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