Man City will add more seats for spectators at the Etihad


Manchester City have submitted a £300m bid to expand Eihad Stadium.

City want to increase the number of seats at the Etihad from 53,400 to 60,000, which they hope to expand the North side of the ground.

Among the things that she will do for the field include a drinking place on the top of the building and repair of the roof of the stadium, shops and the museum.

She also said that she will build a hotel that will accommodate 400 people and other plans that she has submitted to the authorities for permission.

The group said that the work that will take three years to complete, will create an environment for fans to interact and provide entertainment and well-being.

The City said that the plan it is doing will win £300m and will provide work for 2,600 people, and will give priority to the people of Greater Manchester.

Also, offices will be built to rent to business owners, who will develop the organization through cooperation.

Since August City has announced that it has started discussions on how to expand the Etihad Stadium and the seating area for the spectators.

The Etihad was built in 2002 to host the Commonwealth Games and then moved to Manchester City in 2003.

In 2015, the number of seats for spectators was increased to 6,000, so far Etihad is the fifth in the list of stadiums that have the most spectators in the Premier League.

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