President Tinubu's Speech on Nigeria's 63 Years of Independence

My fellow Nigerians, I am happy to address you today, the 63rd anniversary of our country's independence, as the president of our blessed country and your fellow Nigerian.

2. On this important day full of good wishes, we salute our parents who founded Nigeria, their husbands and wives. If not for them, Nigeria would not have existed. It was their struggle, dedication and leadership that created a free and self-governing Nigeria.

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3. At this time, we encourage each other that as Nigerians, God has blessed us collectively and individually. None of us is better than the other. The achievements of Nigeria are our pride. It is the challenges we endure that make us stronger. And there is no country or power in the world that can stop us from reaching the position that suits us. This country is yours, my brothers. Love her, respect her as your own country.

4. Nigeria has become a country to be set as an example based on the nature and structure of the country. God has provided us with different tribes, religions, and cultures. However, the bond of friendship between us is very strong even though it is not visible. We have come together on the same goal of creating peace and development of the nation, with the same hope for the development of wealth and unity and the common goals of tolerance and justice.

5. Creating a country that is based on the foundation of the implementation of these noble goals for different communities has become a very rewarding work that is facing challenges. Some people say that there should not be an independent Nigeria. Some say that our country will collapse. They are always wrong. This is where our country was founded and where it will be established.

6. This year we have crossed an important milestone in our journey to ensure the development of Nigeria. The election of the seventh democratic government in a row shows that our country adheres to the democratic system and the rule of law.

7. The day I came to power, I took promises on how to lead this great country of ours. Among the promises is to reform our economy in order to provide security for lives, freedom, and the welfare of the community.

8. I said that taking strict measures is necessary to put our country on the path of prosperity and economic development. On that day, I announced the end of fuel subsidies.

9. I am aware of the difficulties that followed. My eyes see and my heart aches. I want to explain to you why we must continue to persevere in this difficult situation. Those who want to continue the oil subsidy and the bad foreign exchange system, are people who want to build houses in the swamp. I am not like that. I will not build a house for us on ash bricks. If we want our house to be insect friendly then we have to build it on a high level.

10. Correction is a painful thing, but it is what our progress and glory require. Now we are facing the hardships that will lead us to a future where the rich wealth of our country will be distributed fairly to everyone instead of a few poor people gathering in their place. We will create a Nigeria where hunger, poverty and hardship will be a thing of the past.

11. I am not happy to see the people of this country suffering from hardships that should have been relieved years ago. I would like to say that these difficulties do not exist now. But we must persevere if we want to have a better future.

12. My government is doing its best to alleviate this suffering. Now I will explain to you the measures we are taking to reduce this pain that the husbands and families are suffering from.

13. We have started to take measures to change the management system of the government in order to create economic balance, fight inflation, develop industrial activities, provide security of lives and property and support the poor and other needy people.

14. Based on our discussion with the workers, businessmen and other stakeholders, we present the first wage increase where we will increase the minimum wage of the federal government without increasing the price increase. For the next six months, the junior employees of the Federal Government will get an additional Twenty Five Thousand Naira per month in their salary.

15. In order to bring development to rural areas, we have established a support fund for the provision of infrastructure so that states can develop areas that are important in their areas. The states have already received money to provide support to alleviate the pain of rising food prices and other needs today and tomorrow.

16. Economic development by reducing transportation costs is very important. Accordingly, we have opened a new chapter in the field of transportation by providing gas-powered rental cars across the country. These cars will charge a small fee that is not as expensive as it is now.

17. Soon, the tools to convert cars that use petrol to gas will start arriving in this country because we have taken measures to limit the time it usually takes to import them. And we will establish a training center across the country to teach and provide new opportunities to the owners of transport and the founders of industries. This is an important time for our country to embrace the most efficient way to generate energy for our economy. Making this change, establishing a new history.

18. I promise to clean up the damage caused to the Central Bank. This work has already begun. A new leadership has been established at the Central Bank. And the special investigator I appointed is about to submit his report on the mistakes that have been made in the past and the ways to deal with this in the future. From now on, our financial laws will benefit everyone instead of only the powerful and wealthy.

19. A wise tax law is important for economic development and justice. I launched the committee to reform the tax system in order to improve tax collection in this country and to deal with unfair laws or laws that hinder the development of business and economic development.

20. In order to increase employment and income for urban residents, we have created an investment fund for companies that show signs of a better future for the city. We have also invested more in small and medium enterprises.

21. From this month, 15 million houses will be added to those who are given direct financial support to reduce the suffering.

22. My government will always continue to attach great importance to the security of the nation. We have developed cooperation and intelligence sharing between security agencies. The army chiefs have been entrusted with the important task of reviving our armed forces.

23. Here, I salute and praise our security forces, who protect us and ensure the security of our country. Most of them are already in the house of truth. We remember them today with their families. We will give our forces the tools to fulfill their responsibilities on behalf of our people.

24. We will continue to appoint people to important positions in accordance with the provisions of the constitution to do justice to everyone. Women, youth and those with special needs will continue to be cared for in these ceremonies.

25. I will use this opportunity to congratulate the National Legislature for the role they played in the establishment of this government without delay by carrying out the tasks assigned to them by the constitution to determine those who will be appointed and appointed look at how they are doing their jobs.

26. I also congratulate the Shari'a branch as a pillar of democracy and justice.

27. I also congratulate our community development organizations and trade unions for their commitment to the democracy of Nigeria. We don't always agree but I respect your opinions. You are my brothers and I respect you.

28. My fellow Nigerians, fear or hatred will not bring us progress. We can only achieve a better Nigeria through confidence, compassion and self-sacrifice as one nation.

29. I promise to continue to focus and serve you faithfully. I also invite everyone to contribute to the development of our beloved country. We can. Inevitably we will. And we will definitely win!!!

30. To all of you, I congratulate you on your 63rd anniversary of independence.

31. Thank you for listening.

32. May God bless the Union of Nigeria.

Thank you.

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