The NLC is under fire for calling off the cost of living protest.


The Nigerian Labor Union, NLC, has announced the suspension of the pressure protest on Wednesday, the second day of the rally it has organized across the country to express frustration and displeasure over the pressure the people have faced since the government withdrew fuel subsidies.

On Tuesday, the first day of the protest, hundreds of protesters took to the streets of the country's cities to respond to the call of the NLC.

The NLC defended its decision to call off the protest on the second day, saying that it did so to give the government time on March 13 to do something to ease the people.

The lifting of the protest has caused controversy among the people of the country that some people think will be discredited because of the allegations that the organization is not real in its claim of fighting for the poor.

In the past, some Nigerians have accused the NLC of hiding and serving the nation to meet its personal needs.

We looked at the social media sites to gather some opinions from the Nigerian people about the decision of the NLC to call off the protest.

Comrade Deji Adeyanju, the president of Concerned Nigerians, published his opinion on page X about the suspension of the protest, saying that nothing was achieved in the protest that was held on the first day. protest.

In his message, he informed the NLC that he hopes she sees why people do not see her value in Nigeria.

As for Adebayo Raphael, he said, "It is unfortunate that the NLC is part of the destruction of Nigeria because its leadership is full of people who seek the opportunity to benefit from the poor working conditions of workers in Nigeria."

Chlorpheniramine, another user of page X, also said about the action of the NLC, "Nigerians should not be deceived. Any demonstration organized by the NLC is sponsored by the government. People should know that this will happen. Days before the protest, they canceled it. The plan was to pass the time and confuse the minds of the protestors. This is what happened in Ibadan."

That's why we called off the protest - NLC

The vice president of the NLC of Nigeria, Comrade Audu Titus Amba said they raised the protest because the authorities heard their complaints across the country.

He said that the reason for the protest is to convey the concerns of the community to the government and "we have given our letters, we have been received with open arms and all our complaints that we have shown to them have been confirmed. They will ensure that they will reach the president." and action will be taken."

According to him, they want to give the government a chance to do something within the time frame they have chosen for it.

Comrade Titus said that the labor union works for the people of Nigeria and not just the workers.

He said that if the government does not do anything after the deadline of March 13, they will sit again as a group.

He explained that there was no reason to protest twice "after what we wanted to do, we did it [Tuesday]."

Regarding the accusation that they were not there because of the people, Comrade Titus said that it was not the people who asked them to leave, they stayed in a group where they decided to protest.

"We said it was two days, and now we say what we have done is enough." he said.

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