Abba Kabir expressed concern over the style of some Hisba activities in Kano


The governor of Kano State, Abba Kabir Yusuf, has expressed his concern over the manner in which the Hisba administration is fighting against criminals in the state.

While speaking at a meeting he held with the Kano clerics at the state government house, the governor said Hisbah is a blessed institution that has been treated with dignity and entrusted to the hands of the servants of God who are believed to be able to lead it.

"We have entrusted them with the trust of the people of Kano State, their husbands and wives, and with our trust, we as leaders," said the governor.

Abba Gida-Gida said that the purpose of the Hisbah board is to do what is right to eliminate corruption and advise the government.

But on the contrary, the governor said that the agency has avoided doing some things that are not appropriate.

The governor said that he saw a video that disturbed him about how the agency's employees arrest those they suspect of committing a crime.

"I saw a video where the staff of the agency went to some young people suspected of committing crimes, but the way they were picked up, they were beaten with bamboo sticks, they ran away, they were chased with bamboo sticks, their legs were tied, and they were picked up like goats. Throw them in a car; God forbid if someone's spine is broken, they end up walking forever; this is a big mistake,"  said the governor of Kano.

"You hug a young person and throw him like a goat into a car; this is not right at all."

"I saw a video where they went to Bayero University students' rooms, and until their rooms were beaten, hugged, and thrown into a car, this issue needs to be fixed."

The governor added that the agency must reform its strategies to fight corruption in the state because, according to him, the Hisba agency was appointed to serve the religion of Islam, but if it follows this path, there will be no reformation. I don't want to, because those who are trying to be reformed will be destroyed.

"God forbid if these children are against us, then we don't want the situation our state will go through.".

Abba Kabir said what the agency should do is go out with the police, civil defense, and DSS officers to the places where the crime is being committed, arrest them, and bring them to the authorities to be prosecuted. before the court without harming them.

"God does not want to be ashamed, and God does not want to be dishonored for any sin that a person commits; you know that better than I do,"  he told the priests.

"As long as you are going to be on the pulpit preaching and warning, God willing, there will be a change in the education of our youth," he said.

The governor also said that the peaceful appeal is what will make the afflicted person regret the bad deeds he is doing.

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