They told me to kill my son because I gave birth to him without arms

Shindara is a child with brown hair and full of happiness, but his mother gave birth to him without arms.

That did not discourage Funmilayo, where she started to teach him how to manage his life and grow up and get an education.

According to Funmilayo, people advised her to buy a needle to use to kill her son, but she refused to listen to this advice.

She is teaching her son how to stay strong without dating.

I was hiding him before, someone once told me that there is a hospital where I can buy an injection that I can give him to die," said the boy's father.

"When I gave birth to him, people often told me that I was too young to give birth to a child without arms".

Shindara likes to read, so his father first taught him some important things he should know, and then she bought him a pencil and a book to write.

Since he has no hands, Shindara uses his feet to write and his dream is to become a lawyer.

"He likes to study a lot, he always talks that he will be a lawyer when he grows up. I bought him a pencil and a book because he is not a lazy lawyer. I told him that he had to pass those with hands."

Shindara's mother has high hopes that her son will get prosthetic hands that will help him do things better when he grows up, and improve his condition.

“If my son will have prosthetic hands that connect to the brain, that will help him. I have high hopes for his future life, and I believe he can do it," she said.

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