Opposition parties in Nigeria are reacting to the suspension of Senator Ningi

In Nigeria, the opposition parties of the country condemned the decision of the Senate to suspend Senator Abdul Ningi for three months after he made some statements that show that some money of about four trillion naira has been injected. It is not known where they are going in this year's national budget.

The opposition parties believe that it is necessary to start with an investigation on the issue of money laundering to verify the truth or otherwise of the allegations before taking the decision to suspend the member of parliament.

The decision to suspend Senator Abdul Ningi for three months by the Senate of Nigeria continues to attract criticism, and even some opposition parties in the country have come together to denounce the matter.

His party, the PDP, has described the action as an attempt to prevent an investigation, to cover up, and to harass Nigerians in the east on the issue that has been revealed.

The party said it supports its senator regarding the decision he took to publicize the scandal he suspects has been committed, according to Ibrahim Abdul Lahi, the acting national public relations officer of the party.

"He did the right thing, which we support as a party, and I am sure all Nigerians support this complaint because it is this type of oppression that brought Nigeria to its knees," Ibrahim Abdul Lahi said.
On its part, the PRP party thinks there is a mistake in the nomination regarding the decision to suspend the member of the Senate.

Abdullahi Ahmad Wakili, a former candidate for the party's senatorial seat in Kaduna state, said, "Instead of the parliament setting up a committee of inquiry to find out the truth of the matter, it was only suspended for three months, so we as a party" do not accept this, and we call on all investigative agencies to investigate."

The LP party also expressed its concern over the decision, where the spokesperson of the party, Dr. Yunusa Salisu Tanko, said that they agree with the statement made by Senator Ningi and are calling for an investigation into the budget issue.

The situation continues to attract attention and create controversy in Nigeria, and we are now watching to see how the situation will turn out.

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